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    Sign Your e-Bills with CRYPTBOT e-Sign™
      e-Business Strategic Purposes

    You can use CRYPTBOT™ e-Sign with the Bill Presentment & Payment system (of eComBotB2B™) for creating your e-signature (by private key of your personal ID encryption) on e-bill(s), e-invoice(s), e-receipt(s) or e-tax invoice(s) before sending any e-bills to your customers on the Internet. This system can help you economically and automatically issue e-signed e-bills and record them together with e-certificate(s) and e-signature(s).


    e-Business Benefits

    • Reduce your costs of billing, bill-collecting, and receipt-issuing processes and management.
    • Reduce errors of manual data transfer process.
    • Facilitate your customers to pay their bills via the Internet.
    • Cut down your lead-time of getting payments and increase your speed of cash flows.
    • Make your organization look technologically advanced, and build up your organization image.
    • Allow you to transfer data to other e-Business programs. This will increase your overall productivity.

    CRYPTBOT e-Sign™ for e-Bill Presentment & Payment System
    Sign e-Bill with CRYPTBOT e-Sign™ e-Bill Presentment e-Bill Payment
      Sign e-Receipt with CRYPTBOT e-Sign™
    Data Transfer

    Hi-Li e-Business Functions

    • Allow you to establish your own customer database.
    • Allow you to display your organization logo on both a bill and a receipt.
    • Allow you to select a style of bill and receipt.
    • Allow you to choose an online payment method.
    • Allow you to transfer data to your back-office management system.
    • Allow you to add and edit your customer and transaction database.
    • Allow you to make a direct connectivity with your e-commerce system.
    • Allow you to design your own styles of web pages to cover this e-Billing system.

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