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    Advanced e-Security Solutions Provider

    CRYPTBOT™ is one of the advanced innovations of Maxcyber®, a division of Max Savings Co., Ltd. We have provided a wide range of Internet-related services since October 1995. The key success factors of Maxcyber Division are unlimited creativity and high performance staff, who drive such creativity to reality. Everyday we try harder to create new things that have never existed in the world of Internet before. We strongly believe that the endless technology of Internet gives everyone an equal chance to prevail.

    We had developed the first version of CryptBot™ in 1996-1997 for encrypting the credit card number on the internet. After that we've done a lot R&D in e-Signature and other new technique to sign all electronic files and integrate it with many kinds of security tools such as crypto-smart card and fingerprint.

    From ............ >>>>>
    CryptBot™ V.1.0
    in 1996-1997
    ............. To >>>>>
    CryptBot™ V.2.0
    in 2001-2002

    This is just one sample of many applications that we've tried and created. Conceptually, Max Savings means making big things happen with least resources. Carry on surfing and you will know what we can do and how we do it!!

    Our Business Activities :
    1. System integrator/consultant (for Intranet and Extranet with existing legacy systems).
    2. Development of software and databases for the Internet (with Perl, Java Script, Java Applets, Visual Basic, Visual C++, Power Builder and more).
    3. Developer and distributor of value-added software (e.g. educational software and games).
    4. Networking systems - hardware and software installation and maintenance.
    5. Web authoring and design
    6. Computer graphic design
    7. Research and development
    Our main web sites
    1. http://www.maxcyber.com
    2. http://www.shoppingthai.com
    3. http://www.thainic.net
    4. http://www.pacificnic.net
    5. http://www.ecombot.com
    6. http://www.ecombotb2b.com
    7. http://www.ecombottravel.com
    8. http://www.ecombotthailand.com
    9. http://www.ecombotjapan.com
    10. http://www.eximworld.com
    11. http://www.thaiecard.com
    12. http://www.thailandetrade.com
    13. http://www.tourismmart.com
    14. http://www.thaiforestbooking.com

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