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    CRYPTBOT e-Workflow™
    Security Robot for "Registration , Circulation , Tracking ,
    Acknowledge / Response and Sign " e-Document in Your Organization
  • Enable document flow for any file type
  • Able to define many levels of security for each document
  • Able to define many levels of urgency for each document
  • Allow authentication with Smart Card and/or Fingerprint
  • Multiple circulate types according to flow policy of Organization
  • Automatically delete or backup out of date documents
  • Able to work with PKI key pairs
  • Enhance Security by CryptBot e-Sign™
  • Support many database system products
  • Protect unauthorized access to confidential documents
  • etc…
    Software for...
    "Making your e-Business & e-Government dream comes true and easy"
    1. Able to create an e-Document in the form of XML file to enable data exchange and e-Workflow connection between organization using predefined templates.

    2. Security enhanced by CryptBot e-Sign™* to ensure confidential document security and ensure recipient acknowledgement.

    3. Able to work with fingerprint or smart card in authentication process to protect unauthorized access to confidential document.

    4. Provide many types of document flow, such as star flow, back and forth to center or circular flow.

    5. Allow recipient to make comment before acknowledge, sign or response to the document.

    6. Out of date documents can be automatically deleted by setting deletion configuration and schedule or manually deleted

    7. Enable document control center to track the flow of document and notify the recipient who take no action.

    8. Support many database system products in the market.

    9. Applicable to use with key pairs in PKI instead of password to enhance security level of Encryption and signing document with Digital Signature.

    10. Able to use with the movable CryptBot Disk Stick™*/Token™* for storing your confidential document and/or CryptBot Encryption & e-Custodian™* software for encrypting and protecting your data.

    11. Applicable to Pocket PC* or mobile device* for working outside your office.

                  (See more details about our e-Workflow Snapshot here)
    * = Optional features
    Hi-Light of e-Workflow Processes

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