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    Security Robot for "Identifying, Authenticating,
    Controlling and Recording" Your Staff Activities
  • Identify and authenticate person with Fingerprint and Smart Card
  • Able to work with PKI key pairs
  • Enhance Security for CryptBot e-Sign™
  • Replace or co-working with password access to PKI key pair
  • It is the front-end of CryptBot Encryption™
  • Provide connectivity to many database system product
  • Able to work with time attendant system
  • Can be used as an access control system for restricted area
  • Prevent identity fraud by fingerprint & smart card
  • Use finger's electrical field
  • Protect unauthorized access to confidential data
  • etc
  • Security Purposes
    CryptBot Identification™ was developed to be the core component of "Identifying" and "Authenticating" process. It will work as a center and connector between security devices such as fingerprint scanner and smart card and other program, for examples of e-Signature, e-Custodian, e-Procurement, Time Attendant, Class Attendant, Door Accessing Control, Registration and other e-Business & e-Government systems. With this Identification component, you can set up your enrollment and verifying system with smart card or fingerprint scanner and then forward its output to your required program or system.

    Features & Functions

    1. Able to identify and Authenticate person by using Fingerprint Scanner and Smart Card Reader systems.

    2. Provide enroll or key-in feature for personal data together with associated fingerprint image to specify access right to person and store it in smart card.

    3. Able to scan fingerprint on both hands and every fingers with multi-parse scanning to enhance verification efficiency.

    4. Comes with built-in database linkable to external database system and exportable to be in the form of Text and/or XML (Extensible Markup Language).

    5. Applicable to use with key pairs in PKI* instead of password to enhance security level of Encryption and signing with Digital Signature.

    6. Able to work with Smart Card to speed up identification and authentication time.

    7. Include the personal periodical performance report, for examples of average time attendance or class attendance or absence or late check-in records.

    8. Applicable to use for Computer Server Authentication*.

    9. Able to store personal picture in order to recheck by security officer.

    10. Can tune the fingerprint resolution for scanning and storing and set a precision level of authentication.

    Applications & Benefits

    1. In CryptBot Identification Family , there are many fraud protection applications available for specific usage* , such as "Time Attendant System" , "Course Enrollment System" and "Examination Enrollment System" to prevent identity fraud.

    2. There are also other optional application software for improvement of organization service efficiency such as "Patient identifying and record searching system*" or "Customer identifying and record searching system*" or application in other area such as "Criminal record system*".

    3. Customizable to link with organization's existing system such as Payroll System* , Personal Administration System* , Course Enrollment System* or Time attendant system*.

    4. Applicable to work with access door control system* for restricted area with access statistics report.

    5. Scoring for reward and penalty* can be expandable with the time attendant program or door accessing control system.

    6. Able to use with the movable CryptBot Disk Stick™/Token™* for storing your confidential data and/or program and go work outside your office and also can work together with the CryptBot Encryption & e-Custodian™* for encrypting and protecting your data.

    7. Can work with the CryptBot e-Sign™* for supporting the digital signature creating.

    8. Able to customize or modify or enhance its security capability by connecting with the advanced security devices by using special tehnique, such as multiple fingerprints and smart cards of a group of related peoples.

    9. Applicable to Pocket PC* or mobile device* for working outside your office.

    10. Can be customized to integrate with many kinds of e-Business & e-Government system, for examples e-Procurement*, e-Banking*, e-Budget and Voting systems*.
    Security Devices
    1. Fingerprint Scanner
      (for Identifying and Authenticating person)

    2. Smart Card
      (for storing a personal sensitive data")

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