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    CRYPTBOT Encryption & e-Custodian™
    Security Robot for "Encrypting, Sending*,
    Storing and Decrypting" Your Sensitive Information
    CeBIT Promotion Price USD 100.-
  • Encryption techniques of PKI & PGP*
  • Able to use with world-class e-Certificates
  • Provide Key Store to keep multiple keys
  • Multiple choices of Secure Media for key saving
  • Automatically encrypt data file upon saving
  • Automatically opening file upon decrypting
  • Key Generator support*
  • Able to Exchange Public Key
  • Suitable for business/government data protection
  • Secure E-mail support *
  • Customizability for all confidential needs*
  • Accessibility by a Fingerprint* & Smart Card*
  • etc .
  • Security Purposes
    CryptBot Encryption & e-Custodian™ was designed for managing digital information confidentially according to the international electronic transaction and e-Signature laws. Its main purposes are encryption, securely sending*, storing and decryption of all kinds of sensitive/confidential data in order to keep its confidentiality.

    Features & Functions
    1. Encrypt electronic file, data or information with confidence of security by using PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) and PGP (Pretty Good Privacy)*.

    2. Work with digital IDs or digital certificates of any world-leading CAs (Certificate Authorities).

    3. Encrypt and automatically save an encrypted file in the defined folder/path.

    4. Key & Certification Generator* is provided as the optional application, allow key pair generating and certifying them internally by each organization. These generated key pairs can be stored on many types of media such as key store on hard disk, floppy disk, smart card* and also can be applicable to a fingerprint*.

    5. After decrypting, saving process will be done automatically together with opening or running the decrypted file with its associate application immediately in order to prove the integrity of decrypted data.

    6. Able to import personal key or keep exchanged key of other people in CryptBotTM's key store and send the encrypted file via secure E-mail* directly.
    Applications & Benefits
    1. Suitable for e-Business & e-Government and organization dealing with sensitive/confidential data and information such as National Security Council, Embassy, Budgeting Bureau, Intelligent Agency, R&D department, etc.

    2. Can be customized* according to the needs and requirements of an organization. The complexity of encryption can be customized in accordance with levels of confidentiality within the organization or between organizations.
    * = Optional features | Price & Order
    Hi-Light of encrypting & decrypting Processes | Applications & Benefits | System Requirements

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