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    Partner Program
    If you would like to be our partner, reseller and/or distributor and get wholesale prices of CryptBot™'s products for selling in your country, please firstly fill out the registration form specified below. In case you already have registered or got the partner's login name and password, just logon via the partner access control area.
    1. New Reseller/Distributor Registration
    2. Reseller/Distributor Access Control Area
    Conditions & Benefits
    All CryptBot™'s partners have obligated to display one of the following CryptBot™'s logos and pictures on partners' web sites.
    A qualified partner who has met a target sales volume of CryptBot™'s products can ask us to support the following marketing activities.
    1. Special Discount of the wholesale prices
    2. Localization of CryptBot™'s products for partner's country
    3. Customization of CryptBot™'s products for specific e-Business and e-Government applications
    4. Sales promotion support
    In case you want us to support any other activities, please feel free to inform us or send us a proposal or marketing plan for consideration. Thank you very much to all partners and customers who bought CryptBot™'s products to secure the world of e-Business and e-Government.

    Partner Max Savings
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