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    Fingerprint Scanner
    Security Fingerprint Scanner for "Identifying, Authenticating
    and Controlling" Your Restricted Area
  • Verify fingerprint by using electrical filed from any finger
  • Bundle with CryptBot Identification™*
  • Alternative way to access key pairs of PKI
  • Applicable to door*/PC access control system*
  • Simple , easy-to-use and rapid verification
  • No effect from alignment shift of finger
  • Able to use with Smart Card*
  • Applicable to use with time attendant system*
  • Applicable to use with many security scheme*
  • etc
  • Security Purposes
    CryptBot Fingerprint Scanner™ is a security device designed for authenticating person or private key, instead of using only a password that cannot absolutely identify its real ownership. With the CryptBot Key Generator™*, your organization can generate key pairs for your staffs and securely fuse their fingerprints together with their private keys. Or in case using with CryptBot Identification™*, this fingerprint may be applied to many systems such as Time Attendant*, Secure Registration*, Accessibility Control* for restricted area and more.

    Features & Specification

    1. Fingerprint Scanner : with TactileSense , a proprietary fingerprint verification technology that uses a unique polymer-based sensor to senses a live finger and transform finger's electrical field into a supremely secure and convenient gateway to your system.
    2. Scanner Size : 2.3" x 2.1" x 4.6"
    3. Fingerprint Imaging Area : 0.76" x 0.56"
    4. Imaging Resolution : 403 dpi
    5. Image Capture Time : about 0.6 second
    6. Verification Time : about 0.3 seconds on Pentium 133MHz
    7. Fingerprint Readability : + / - 45°
    8. Fingerprint Image file size : greater or equal 300 bytes
    9. Status Light :
      "On" : Scanner is on and working appropriately
      "Off" : Scanner is off or fail to function appropriately
      "Blink" : Scanner is scanning
    10. Life time of scanner surface : more than 1 million times
    11. Industry Standard : FCC Part 15, Class B; Canadian ICES-003 Class B DOC; CE Mark; TUV; CISPR; VCCI; UL
    12. Biometric Standard Compatability : BAPI (Biometric Application Programming Interface)
    13. Operating System : Win 98/98 Se/Me/NT 4.0 SP4+/2000 client
    14. Connectivity : as a USB device with 6 feet USB cable length which can be placed in either direction based on user preference
    * = Optional features

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