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    Cryptoflex Smart Card
    The smart card for e-transactions and trusted services
    Cryptoflex smart card
  • Portable digital credential management
  • Integrates into Public Key Infrastructures
  • Also available with USB communication interface (Cryptoflex e-gate)
  • Security Purposes
    CryptBot Smart Card™, named Cryptoflex™, was supplied by Schlumberger, one of the world-leading smart card companies, and customized and modified by CryptBot™'s Team for specially using with all CryptBot™ applications, especially for generating PKI key pair inside smart card's chip and then securely retrieve it to scramble with a targeted sensitive data. This is one of the best ways to securely generate and protect your key pair according to the transaction and digital signature laws.

    Features & Functions

    Portable security over networks
    Companies need solutions to ensure information security and confidentiality over public networks. Cryptoflex makes it easy to carry your digital identity with you, ready to use with any secure system that requires authentication, digital signature and data ciphering. The card enables secure logon, e-mail, access to proprietary and confidential web sites, or single sign-on to intranets. Cryptoflex can be integrated into an existing government or corporate badge system to add functions such as network security, physical access and company management applications.

    Cryptographic functions
    Cryptoflex incorporates a crypto-processor dedicated to security enhancement - implementing security industry functions based on public key cryptography directly onto the card, eliminating the risk of sending secret unprotected data across a network. The card provides maximum security and flexibility of system integration thanks to administrative funcitons such as secure key loading, on-card key generation and ciphering of imported/exported data.

    e-gate ready
    Cryptoflex is also available with built-in e-gate smart card technology - enabling it to communicate directly with the computer's USB communication interface (USB v2.0 compliant) without the need for a smart card reader. Find out more about the Schlumberger e-gate USB platform for e-business security. (see more...)

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