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    CRYPTBOT web-Sign™
    Hi-Light of web-Sign Processes

    Digitally Sign on Web Browser
    After installation, CryptBot™ web-Sign & Verifier icons will be shown on the menu bar of IE browser.
    CryptBot™ Verifier is a free program for downloading to verify all web pages signed by CryptBot™ web-Sign
    CryptBot™ web-Sign, the web-based e-Signature application, is designed for digitally signing and encrypting sensitive web pages or e-forms on IE browser.
    Just click CryptBot™ web-Sign icon and select key location to digitally sign e-documents* or e-forms.*

    Select Private Key for Signing
    Just select your private key from windows key store to digitally sign your required e-document.*
    Signer's signature picture can be shown on a signed e-document in case you have used CryptBot™ web-Sign V.2.0 or generated it with the special ASP/CGI program.

    Encryption Process
    After completely signing, program will ask you to encrypt the signed document.
    - Click "Yes" if you want to encrypt a signed document.
    - Click "NO" if you donít want to encrypt a signed document.

    Select Public Key for Encrypting
    After digitally signed, this signed e-document can be encrypted with any public key, especially the public-key of recipient or second signer in order to protect its confidentiality.
    It can be digitally signed by second or third or more signers as you want.

    Decrypting an Encrypted File
    You can decrypt and verify its integrity by clicking the CryptBot™ Verifier icon and then enter a password of required private key in order to decrypt it (in case it was encrypted).
    The signed file (.cbw) or encrypted signed file (.ebw) can be set to be open ned by IE web browser which will be shown as the encrypted string.

    Multiple e-Signatures
    & Control Certificate
    If the signed file is valid, the document hi-light, signed date(s)** and details of signer(s) will be shown on the "Control Certificate" of CryptBot™ Verifier.
    List of signer(s) linked to digital Certificate(s) of singer(s).

    Display Digital e-Certificate(s)
    of Signer(s)
    Printout permission can be set, if you use CryptBot™ web-Sign V.2.0.
    Digital certificates can be displayed and verified by clicking the signer list button(s).
    * Must be generated under the CryptBot™' s standard format.
    ** Information details are depending on version of CryptBot™ web-Sign.
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