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    digital certificates:
    and more...
    CRYPTBOT web-Sign™ (V3.05)
    (Workflow Connectivity Version)
    ...for your hi-effectiveness of digitally signing on web-based workflow
    Hi-Light of web-Sign (V3.05) Processes

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    to get one a demo or buy a real one
    More Features of Digital Signature
    After installation, CryptBot web-Sign™, web-Verifierweb-Crypt™, web-Configuration & e-Document Generator icons will be shown on the menu bar of IE browser.
    CryptBot e-Document Generator is a new feature for generating XML e-Document and carrying an attached file for signing with multiple digital signatures.
    CryptBot web-Configuration is another new feature for controlling all functions of CryptBot web-Sign™ such as insert signature image, insert comment, check certificate revocation, set e-Pen configuration, etc.
    CryptBot web-Crypt™ is an encryption program for encrypting web pages and pictures.
    CryptBot web-Verifier™ is a verification program for verifying web pages signed by CryptBot web-Sign™. Your recipients can download it with free of charge here.
    CryptBot web-Sign™ , the web-based digital signature application, is designed for digitally signing and encrypting sensitive web pages or e-forms (under CryptBot™ standard format: XML, HTML & MHT) and its attached file(s) (all file types) on IE browser.

    Configure for Hi-effectively Signing
    Insert comment is designed for comment writing before signing which can serve you two choices, writing it using keyboard or CryptBot e-Pen™
    Insert signature image is the new feature for helping you to easily add your signature image automatically while digitally signing with PKI technology. It provides you three ways to add it, with imported image file, with e-Pen or with browsed image.
    Encrypt document after signing is for On/Off the encrypting step after signing. In case you want it, on , you can choose one of two encryption algorithms, RC2 or RC4.
    Send an e-mail after signing/encrypting is a facility for sending a signed file to a recipient via e-mail. You can also configure the SMTP (Mail Server) here.
    Check certificate revocation before signing is designed for enhancing your legal security with an online certificate revocation checking before selecting a private key to digitally sign.
    Please see more details about CryptBot web-Sign™ Configuration and its workflow connectivity parameters in the "Input, Process & Output, for Workflow, of CryptBot web-Sign™ (V 3.05)" diagram.

    Signature & Logo Images Insertability
    Signature image can be scanned, imported and securely stored inside the CryptBot web-Sign™ for inserting while you are digitally signing with PKI technology. This is the symbol for the old world to easily understand the new age of digital world.
    Organization logo image can also be scanned, imported and securely stored for inserting when you want to create an e-Document with the CryptBot e-Document Generator™.
    Organization stamp image is for using in case you want to make an organization stamp on your e-Document. This can also be used with organization's digital signature which digitally signed by an organization certificate.

    CryptBot e-Pen™ Integrated
    This version is integrated with the CryptBot e-Pen™ application, but exclude the e-Pad (image capture) hardware, in order to easily serve whom already bought the e-Pad and want to use it with an e-Document. This will help him to easily create and insert his digital handwriting signature or comment image on an e-Document. Here, you can select three types of e-Pad's drivers.
    Sizes and colors of e-Pen can also be easily set up.

    Included with E-Mail Service
    After signing and/or encrypting, you can automatically send a digitally-signed and/or encrypted file to other people by using CryptBot e-Mail™.
    However, this is a simple e-mail program which designed for facilitating you to send a signed and/or encrypted e-document as an attached file only. In case you want to use a complicated, completed and secure one, please consider our CryptBot Secure web-Mail™.

    Easily Create Your own e-Document
    With CryptBot e-Document Generator, you can easily generate a XML e-Document (with XSL) with its speed/urgency and/or confidentiality remarked-stamps. This is designed for using in case you do not have a workflow/e-Office program.
    This geneated e-Document can also be attached with all kinds of file types. That means you can use CryptBot web-Sign™ to digitally sign all or any file type you want on a web browser.

    Workflow & e-Office Connectabilities
    This new version was designed for hi-effectively working with e-Document workflow, e-Office or paperless trading system. We've defined the certained standard parameters such as a signing method (digitally signing by PKI technology or normally signing by a password), signing sequence, approval result, confidentiality level and URL for signed file uploading to workflow system in order to easily and effectively connect and manipulate CryptBot web-Sign™ to digitally sign its e-Document in the way you want. You can learn more about these connected/manipulated/transferred parameters at the "Input, Process & Output, for Workflow, of CryptBot web-Sign™ (V 3.05)" diagram.
    Under this function, CryptBot web-Sign™ will automatically send or upload the output signed and/or encrypted file back to the specified workflow server (path or URL) where you can repeatedly send the signed and/or encrypted e-Document via its route for digitally signing and/or encrypting by other people and creating the secure "Multiple Digital Signatures".

    Defines Output Files by Workflow
    Beside the two types of standard output file, .cbw (for digitally/normally signed file) and .ebw (for encrypted file), you can also set up your workflow to request an additional output file, in the form of XML or XML & XSL format (together with XML signature data), from CryptBot web-Sign™ by setting some parameter (see more details at the "Input, Process & Output, for Workflow, of CryptBot web-Sign™ (V 3.05)" diagram).
    This's designed for facilitating data exchange and communication with outside organizations.

    Gets an e-Document from Workflow
    You can use your workflow to create a XML e-Document and then send it to digitally and/or normally sign with CryptBot web-Sign™. If this XML e-Document is created under our defined standard values of our standard parameters such as signing method, signing sequence, signature image position and more, this e-Document will be digitally/normally signed under your required/designed pattern.
    Together with this generated e-Document, you can also attach all reference file types you want, such as a scanned outside-paper image or product picture file, for digitally signing. After signing and/or encrypting, this e-Document and its attach file will be digitally signed altogether and encrypted under technique that no one can't decrypt or modify it.

    XML Document Created by Workflow
    This memorandum e-Document, under XML standard format, was generated and included our signing parameters and values inside.

    Just Click a web-Sign™ Icon to Sign
    After you've got the generated XML e-Document, just click the web-Sign™ icon on the IE menu bar to digitally sign it. After that the program will show you the choices of key location for getting private key to sign.
    This version provides you two standard key locations. The first one is the key store of IE browser and the second one is located in other location such as your harddisk, diskette and handy/thumb drive. In case you want to use with other key store media, please send us your enquiry. We can modify and develop it for you.

    Select Private Key for Signing
    Here, we select a private key from the IE key store to digitally sign the above generated e-document.

    Select Public Key for Encrypting
    After digitally signed, this signed e-document can be encrypted with any public key (depending on your configuration setting), especially the public-key of recipient or second signer in order to protect its confidentiality.
    Same as private key selection process, you can select a public key from either the IE key store or other location as well.

    Output Signed Files for Workflow
    This is the example of workflow system which automatically got the digitally signed and encrypted file(.ebw), its XML and XML with XSL files from web-Sign™ after the e-Document had been digitally signed and encrypted.
    These output signed and/or encrypted files usually would be automatically uploaded to the specific path on the workflow server as it's got path information from the sent standard parameter.

    Decrypting an Encrypted File
    You can decrypt and verify its integrity by clicking the CryptBot? Verifier icon and then enter a password of required private key in order to decrypt it (in case it was encrypted).
    The signed file (.cbw) or encrypted signed file (.ebw) can be set to be openned by IE web browser which will be shown as the encrypted string.

    Signature Image & Signer Info Adding While Digitally Signing
    Here, John A's scanned signature image (from CryptBot Configuration™) was inserted in the digitally signing process.
    At the same time, the certified personal information of signer which retrieved from his/her digital certificate and the generated "Signature Code" would be stamped on the signed e-Document as well. This information will be used as its digital signature reference whenever it is printed on paper.

    web-Verifier™ & Control Certificate
    If the signed and/or encrypted file is valid, the document hi-light, signed date(s) and details of signer(s) will be shown on the "Control Certificate" of CryptBot web-Verifier™.
    Attached file(s) icon would be activated if this signed e-Document was attached with a valid signed-attached file(s).
    List of signer(s) linked to digital Certificate(s) of signer(s).

    Digital e-Certificate(s) of Signer(s)
    Digital certificates can be displayed and verified by clicking the signer list button(s).

    Opens The Verified Attached File(s)
    Just click the attached file icon of each signer if you want to see list of his/her verified signed-attached file(s).
    In case you want to open it/them, just double click it/them then our program will automatically link it/them to its/their associated application(s).
    Extract Signed XML by Recipient
    In case the recipient is not the member of workflow system, he/she can also get the XML/XML with XSL file(s) from the Control Certificate of CryptBot web-Verifier™ by clicking the "Extract XML" or "Extract XML & XSL" button.
    Figure on the left handside is the extracted XML file which displayed on the IE web browser.

    Digitally Sign with Comment
    and File Attachment
    Like CryptBot e-Sign™, signer can write his/her comment (in the upper section) and attach additional file (in the lower section) to support his/her comment before digitally signing/encrypting.

    Comment and Its Certified Info.
    The written comment of the second signer, Joe C., listed on a signed e-Document. Comment and signing like this, let the signer easily to work with an e-Document on a workflow process and each comment was certified by its own digital signature.
    Certified personal information and signature code of Joe C. which got from his digital certificate and digitally signing process.

    Multiple Digital Signature Verification
    Brief information, signer name, organization name and signed date & time, of "signer 1".
    Brief information, signer name, organization name and signed date & time, of "signer 2". If you want to see more details of this signer and see its certified attached file(s), just click the "signer 2" button and "Attach File" (paper clip symbol) relatively.

    Digital Certificate of Signers
    Digital certicates of both signers can be viewed and checked for revocation if you want.

    Verified Attached Files of Each Signer/Comment
    Signed Attached file(s) which came from workflow system and/or comment function can be openned with the CryptBot File Verification™.

    * Must be generated under the CryptBot™' s standard format.
    ** Information details are depending on version of CryptBot web-Sign™.

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