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    e-Gate USB Smart Card
    e-gate USB platform
  • simplicity - smart PC peripheral
  • easy to install & deploy
  • optimum performance/cost ratio
  • flexibility - token and card format

  • For e-business in the PC world to flourish, users need a highly secure and easy-to-use solution for accessing information, purchasing and banking on-line. e-gate is a smart card technology combining ISO and USB (Universal Serial Bus) versatility with leading-edge security functionality in a plug and play format that will transform security across the PC world.

    e-gate key connectorVersatility with built-in USB interface

    e-gate incorporates the USB interface electronics normally found in a smart card reader on the card itself, enabling it to plug directly into the USB port on a computer via a simple connector. It reduces the time and investment cost of buying, deploying and installing smart card readers.

    Incorporating the conventional ISO 7816-3 smart card interface, means that e-gate can be used across the global infrastructure of public terminals (eg ATMs, POS, parking meters, payphones) giving individuals a truly universal smart card at home in both the ISO and USB worlds.

    e-gate features and benefits
    • offers all the ease and convenience of self-powered hot-pluggable, plug & play operations in the PC

    • automatically recognised by the PC as USB peripheral and dynamically installed

    • exploits the communications speed of USB (from 1.5 Mb/s to 12 Mb/s and ability to connect 127 devices)

    • ISO compatibility enables e-gate cards to be used in whole range of conventional smart card terminals - the card recognises automatically which protocol to use

    • e-gate cards as conventional smart cards can be personalised in an industrial manner taking advantage of the USB protocol

    2 ways to connect to the PC USB port

    To meet the requirements of different PC applications, e-gate cards come in two different types of connectors. In both cases the USB connector creates an electrical contact between the card and the USB receptacle of the PC.

    ISO format e-gate ISO format

    e-gate connector

    Standard credit-card format using a simple connector recognized by the PC as a USB peripheral. Card holders can also use this card in traditional smart card terminals - building access, banking, loyalty and transport applications - giving users all the personalised advantages of a traditional ISO card.

    Token format

    e-gate key format

    e-gate PC connector

    A cut-down card within a dongle which plugs directly into the USB port. Ideal for companies seeking a secure network access and log-on solution for large numbers of personal computer users. This format is particularly adapted for PC users on the move.

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