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    CRYPTBOT e-Sign™

    Applications & Benefits

    1. Can be used on a standalone computer or linked with any type of secure servers networks.
    2. Prevent a file from being illegitimately altered because it is encrypted with certified keys and stored on a computer or server.
    3. Able to work automatically with e-Billing/e-Finance/document workflow system that requires high security.
    4. Allow multiple e-signatures on each digital document and all digital certificates of all e-signatures could be displayed on the "Control Certificate" which literally links the personal and/or organization digital certificates with the signed document.
    5. Allow multiple signatures on each digital document such as an e-Contract, e-Invoice, and the like.
    6. Able to use CryptBot™ 's XML Generator to create a XML document such as an e-Contract, e-Invoice, and the like and facilitate adding a required number of signers
    7. Able to work with smart card or secure card/diskette.
    8. Able to put watermark on a printout to prevent imitation. The printout can easily identify and refer to an e-Signature and encrypted file.

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