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    CRYPTBOT Encryption & e-Custodian™
    Hi-Light of e-Custodian™ Processes
    Select an input file to encrypt or decrypt
    Please browse the location and name of input file that you want to encrypt or decrypt it in the "Select file" box.
    Note : If you want to decrypt , your input file must be ".ebt" (Encrypt Bot) file type

    Select a key location to encrypt or decrypt.
    You can select a location of key to be used for encryption or decryption from menu Tools >> Key Selection. It will show you a list of key locations : "Floppy Disk*", "Hard Disk*", "Smart Card*" and "Key Store".

    Select Key from "Hard Disk"
    If you select to "Encrypt" file, after selecting a public key, program will automatically start encrypting your file and display "Encrypted" at the left bottom of screen

    Decrypt an Encrypted File
    Program will decrypt your encrypted file and will display "Decrypted" at the left bottom of the screen after finishing decrypting process as shown in Figure 10 and program will automatically open your output file with its associated program.
    Get Key from CryptBot™ Key Store
    If you select "Key Store" as your key location and select decryption function
    A list of Key in "Contact" or "Personal" Key Store
    If you select encryption function, program will show a list of public keys from "Contact" key store.
    On the other hand, if you select decryption function, program will show a list of private key from "Personal" key store.

    Other Key Locations
    Many choices of key pair (public & private keys) locations selection, such as located in your hard disk, floppy disk, smart card*, fingerprint and Cryptbot™ stick.
    Able to configure your key storage media : "Key Store","Smart Card*","Fingerprint*" and "CryptBot™ Stick"
    Encryption with Fingerprint*
    Fingerprint* (password substitution) associated with your key pair will be verified prior to encryption and decrytion processing (in case of using CryptBot™ e-Custodian with fingerprint* version)
    File boxes for entering original file that you want to encrypt/decrypt and its output file.
    * = Optional features
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